Red Cherry Blossom Altar Set Up – DIY


Set Up Includes: (YOU SAVE $107 when Hiring as a Package)
**Wedding Arch is NOT included in DIY Package

– 6 Gold/Red Wedding Trays

– 7 Yellow/Red velvet embroidered cloth cover.

– 1 Gold Wine Offering Set/ 1 set of Gold Heart Tea/Wine Tray set.

– 1 Marriage Signage. (1 Thành Hôn/Tân Hôn/Vu Quy/Dinh Hon)

– 1 Red Table Linen

– 1 Set of Red chiffon Backdrop

– 1 Set of Red Cherry Blossoms (to hang on top of frame)

– 1 Gold Double Joy Signage/Sticker OR Le Vu Quy/Le Thanh Hon/Hy

– 1 set of Stands for a 2.0mHx2.2mW set up

– 1 Grande 2D Dragon Incense Burner

– 2 2D Candle Holders

– 1 Set of Traditional Wedding Artificial Betel Nuts & leaves

– 2 Artificial Flower Vases (Red Cherry Blossoms) * Vase choices will depend on availability

IMPORTANT: Please note that the photos are only ideas for altar set up. NOT ALL items are included in the package. Please read through the list of Inclusions prior to ordering.

– Trầu Cau Jelly
– Tables for set up
– Firecrackers
– Tea Ceremony Emcee (MC)
– Candles
– Wedding Incense